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Satia Frazier-North

Board Member

With over two decades of culinary expertise, Satia is a gastronomy visionary and a philanthropic creative.

At the core of her endeavors is FiftySevenNorth, a unique fusion of culinary art, music, and philanthropy, embodying the principle that true fulfillment comes from feeding the soul as well as the body.

As the Marketing and Communications Manager for Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS), Satia has been instrumental in initiatives like the BOSS' Food Run and BOSS' Black August Block Party, tackling the underlying issues of poverty, racialized injustices, and homelessness.

SousSHE, a project dear to Satia's heart, aims to empower young Black girls and women through entrepreneurship and culinary arts, fostering wellness and creativity.

As a fervent champion of community service and women's empowerment, Satia passionately dedicates her work at FiftySevenNorth, BOSS and SousSHE to these causes. Her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility shines through every aspect of her culinary ventures. In her pursuit, Satia focuses on amplifying the voices of the often unheard and overlooked, particularly women. SousSHE stands as a testament to this commitment, empowering young Black girls and women through entrepreneurship in culinary arts and beyond. These initiatives are more than mere business endeavors; they are platforms for advocacy and change.

Satia's mission transcends traditional culinary boundaries. Her dedication spans over 30 years, focusing on civic engagement and the political education of marginalized communities. Her work is a celebration of community spirit and the unyielding power of women. She aims to leave an indelible mark that goes beyond the confines of the kitchen, touching lives and inspiring transformation.

Satia Frazier-North
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