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Mother and Daughter


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From tailored substance abuse recovery programs and supportive residential facilities to counseling, skill-building workshops, and peer-led support groups, we provide a holistic approach to well-being. 

The goal of substance abuse treatment is to address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction, promoting recovery and supporting individuals in achieving and maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.




 Our program provides comprehensive support and guidance, assisting individuals in navigating the challenges of re-entry and successfully reintegrating into society.

Re-Entry Support

Our comprehensive program not only provides safe and stable housing but also offers tailored support services to help women rebuild their lives with strength and resilience (based on availability). 



The ultimate goal is to help survivors transition from being victims of domestic violence to becoming empowered, self-sufficient individuals capable of leading fulfilling lives free from abuse. 


Violence Recovery

Our Focus

Transformative Recovery Support for Women

Our holistic recovery programs at Serenity House offer housing, meals, and dedicated support services tailored to women's needs...

Transformative Recovery Support for Women

Sisters House

Sisters House is a long-term housing program designed to offer stable accommodation primarily to former clients who...

Sisters House

Sisters to Reentry

The Sisters to Reentry Program offers vital support to formerly incarcerated women as they navigate the challenges of reintegration...

Sisters to Reentry

Serenity Wellness & Business

Recognizing both the financial and healing power of translating personal experience through creative and purpose-driven careers...

Serenity Wellness & Business

Serenity Wellness & Business

Cohort 5

Our Programs

Our commitment to support the community includes providing hot meals and other essential items to numerous individuals facing hardship. Every Monday starting at 11:30AM, we serve approximately 150 meals to struggling and unhoused individuals. At our center on San Pablo Ave., we also distribute hygiene items, clothing, blankets, as supplies allow. We accept gently used clothing in good, clean condition.
Sharing is Caring Community Outreach
(based on availability) 
At Serenity Safe Haven, we are committed to offering compassionate care and practical solutions to those seeking refuge from domestic violence. Launched in April 2020, our program offers immediate assistance, including emergency hotel accommodations, comprehensive wrap-around support, and vital connections to housing and employment resources. 
Serenity Safe Haven 
In partnership with Alameda County Health, we host a monthly health event outside our center on San Pablo Avenue. During this vibrant fathering akin to a 'block party', featuring music and hot food, members of our unhoused community have the opportunity to receive vaccinations as well as blood pressure and blood sugar readings, along with access to other essential services. 
Monthly Community Health Event

Our Services

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