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Nicole Gardner

Community Outreach Coordinator

Born into a loving family with a strong faith, Nicole's journey has been marked by resilience and service. Graduating in 1989, she embarked on a career at Tilden Career Community Academy, where she spent over two decades fostering success among students. In 1998, she married Rodney J. Gardner and together they raised four children, embracing many more through adoption and community support.
Despite personal struggles, Nicole found redemption in overcoming alcohol addiction at Serenity House and now serves as their Outreach Coordinator, currently serving the unhoused community with a loving smile and an open heart, knowing that God spared her so she could help save other lives. Nicole has received several awards and recognitions for her work in the community and most recently has been featured on a panel with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, addressing the needs of the growing yet underrepresented unhoused community.
As the President and CEO of Chi-Oak Love, the business she founded after completing Serenity House’s Wellness & Business entrepreneurial program, Nicole specializes in event planning to make special days truly memorable. Today, Nicole can be found anywhere service is needed. If there is a need, she will try to meet it. If there is a problem, she will work to find a solution. If life has taught her anything, she has learned that if there is an opportunity, take it.

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