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Jeanette Bartholomew

Board Member

Embarking on my journey in the music industry feels like it was ages ago – well, a couple of suns ago, to be precise! But jest aside, my passion for music ignited early on, culminating in the birth of my persona, "The Queen Informer," during the days of 1-2, 1-2 Let's Do This. As the voice bringing the latest news and vibrant energy to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, I found my calling.

When the curtains closed on that chapter, I co-founded Black Pearl Entertainment, driven by the desire to perpetuate the show's infectious vibe while contributing value to the music industry. My journey, however, extends beyond entertainment. I've always been deeply ingrained in community initiatives, and it was a natural progression to join the Board of Serenity House.

Amidst the rise of drug addiction, mental health struggles, sexual abuse, and the incarceration of Black women, I felt an unwavering urge to be part of the solution. Serenity House's steadfast commitment to supporting these women and their families resonated deeply with me. It's a small yet profoundly impactful organization, and I knew instantly that my time and efforts would find purpose here.

I am compelled by the opportunity to contribute to a cause that aligns with my values and aspirations. Together with the dedicated team at Serenity House, I am committed to fostering healing, resilience, and empowerment within our communities.

Jeanette Bartholomew
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