We believe that true healing and recovery does not happen within 30, 60, or 90 days.  After all, it took you a lifetime to get to this point!


Our program is designed to last 2 years, to give you time to heal, and help you reach your goals!


The Serenity program has four phases that correspond to stages of individual change and growth within the sanctuary of community based on the natural process of a caterpillar transitioning into a butterfly.


Before a caterpillar can fly (F.L.Y.E.) it must return to the womb (cocoon) and be reborn:

1st Trimester:  1-3 months
Faith into Freedom

Faith into Freedom is the first phase of Serenity residency. This phase, begins the first day upon arrival and possibly before beginning the program based on your hope and motivation for wholeness. During this phase one realizes that they can believe that healing is possible, though the road may be rocky, uneven, and even hard to see at times they keep moving forward with faith leading. This leads them to know that true freedom lies in true faith. And part of believing is surrendering which leads to change.

2nd Trimester:  4-6 months Love into Life

Focus: The phase Love into Life is a time to begin considering, learning, and understanding that you are loved and identifying how you love can transform your relationship with yourself, others, and God. Your sense of purpose becomes more grounded within this knowledge which ultimately leads to living an authentic and joy-filled life. In addition, during this stage you become conscious and mindful to the harmful and beneficial cycles that have been with you.

3rd Trimester: 7-9 months
Yield to Process

Focus: This trimester focuses on a surrendering to all the information you have learned from the previous stages and provides time of reflection and discernment as you begin to collaboratively plan the course moving forward in a new surrendered way of being. Within the cocoon, it is during this phase that the caterpillar is hanging upside down, yielding to the process that may be uncomfortable, but having faith, you stay the course.

Re-Birth & PostPartum: 9-24 months
Enlighten into Elevation

Focus: At 9 months you have now given birth to a new you. You have pushed, squirmed and piece by piece, process by process, broken out of the cocoon and have begun to fly. In this stage you learn how to maintain and sustain this new found freedom. Now you have the opportunity to practice all that you have learned and have a supportive environment to help remind you of your goals and dreams.

Serenity House

is an affiliate of Sister to Sister 2, Inc.  A 501(c)(3) non profit organization whose purpose is to work with women who have substance abuse and/or domestic violence issues. Tax ID # 27-1885809.

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